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Today's high-tech world has dramatically changed the ways we communicate.
We use fingers and styli to do the writing directly on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, just as we do it on paper.

Our writing capabilities have become more digitally oriented. At the same time, fast-developing technologies now offer different materials and approaches to facilitate writing.

One of them is adoption of a low power consumption flexible bistable cholesteric display technology, featuring high writing precision and sensitivity and making the writing experience similar to that on paper.
The innovative approach in the DUSLATE ® device lies in application of different technologies, initially deemed non-operational underwater. In particular, bistable cholesteric LCD displays were considered impractical for underwater use.

However, based on the underwater R&D results, we decided to utilize this technology in development of a unique writing device for underwater operation.

DUSLATE ® implements a high-tech pressure-sensitive bistable cholesteric LCD writing display that, in conjunction with a special housing developed by us, creates a water and dust resistant device.

DUSLATE ® is eco-friendly with low power consumption, and as backlight is not used, it protects user's eyes.

Worldwide patents are pending.
Participation in exhibition
10-14 April 2019
DUSLATE ® was first time presented at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions. Geneva.
It has been awarded with a silver medal by the decision of independent experts.
Silver medal
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DUSLATE ® – the world's first electronic writing board for diving that works up to 60 meters (200 ft.)
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