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This Agreement is available on the website: www.duslate.com and shall be deemed as an offer of «Dusol» LLC (hereinafter — Administrator) enter into an agreement with any third adult person using the website: www.duslate.com (hereafter — Website) on the terms specified in this Agreement, and is a Public Offer in accordance with Para 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
In accordance with Para 3 of Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the proper acceptance of this offer is the use of the Website www.duslate.com in any way.

In case of disagreement with the terms of this Agreement, you should immediately stop using the Website.

From the moment all the above actions are completed, this Agreement is considered concluded on the following conditions.

  • 1.Definitions

    • 1.1 Website — a software package located at: duslate.com, providing services to Users, owned by the Administrator.
    • 1.2. User — a competent, natural person who has been authorized on the website, or any visitor to the Website.
    • 1.3. The administrator of the Website — Dusol LLC.
    • 1.4. Login — a unique identifier of the User, specified by him during registration on the Website, used to gain access to the Website.
    • 1.5. Password — a combination of letters and numbers that are specified by the User when registering on the Website.
    • 1.6. Login and password — identification data that is used by the User to access the functionality of the Website and is recognized as an analogue of the User’s handwritten signature.
    • 1.7. User’s personal data — data that is specified during registration by the User voluntarily in order to implement this Agreement. The purposes of collecting the User’s personal data, the processing procedure and other issues related to personal data are governed by the Privacy Policy located at: https://duslate.com/en/privacypolicy.
    • 1.8. Account — a user account necessary to identify him on the Website. Access to the Account can be made through authorization through social networks.
    • 1.9. Materials — any information that is used by the User as a result of using the Website.
    • 1.10. Product — goods from the assortment of an online store located at: http://duslate.com/en/product.
    • 1.11. Online store — sections of the Website located at: https://duslate.com/privacy-policy/, where the Buyer can familiarize himself with the assortment of Goods and place an order.

  • 2. Subject of the agreement

    • 2.1. This Agreement governs the relationship arising between the Administrator and the User as a result of using the Website.
    • 2.2. In accordance with this Agreement, the Administrator provides the following services to the User:
      • — access to the materials placed on the Website;
      • — registration and / or authorization on the Website;
      • — ordering goods in the online store of the Website. The rules and procedures of the online store are located on the home page of the Website www.duslate.com.
      • — other services provided by this Agreement and its annexes.
    • 2.3. The User’s access to the Website’s services can be carried out either using authorization on the Service’s website, using a username and password, or without authorization.

  • 3. General conditions for using the Website

    • 3.1. Access to the order of goods and some other functionality of the Website is possible only after authorization of the User on the Website, in accordance with the rules established by the Website and this Agreement. The order of goods can be carried out without prior registration on the Website. After ordering the Goods without registration, the Buyer creates a personal account on the Website, sends a link to the personal account and password.
    • 3.2. Conditions that relate to the commercial use of the Website, its functionality, processing of personal data and other issues are indicated in separate documents located on the Website.
    • 3.3. Use of the Website is provided to the User free of charge.
    • 3.4. All materials on the Website belong to the Administrator and are his intellectual property.
    • 3.5. Using the materials of the Website is possible only with the consent of the Administrator.

  • 4. Rights and obligations of the Administrator

    • 4.1. The administrator has the right to provide the user access to the Website.
    • 4.2. The administrator has the right to restrict access to the Website for the time necessary for carrying out technical and other works, without prior notice.
    • 4.3. The administrator has the right to use the personal data of Users, send materials in order to inform him, as part of information, advertising and marketing campaigns. The user may refuse this information.
    • 4.4. The Administrator has the right to terminate the User’s access to the Website in case of violation of the terms of this Agreement or the legislation of the Russian Federation in any way, and if necessary, transfer the materials to law enforcement and other bodies.
    • 4.5. The administrator is obliged to provide the User with access to the Website, maintain it in working condition, and make efforts to correct errors.
    • 4.6. The Administrator undertakes to ensure the safety of confidential data in accordance with the confidentiality policy, unless the disclosure of personal information occurred for reasons beyond the control of the Administrator, or in cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    • 4.7. The purposes, procedure, methods of processing personal information of Users and other issues are specified in the Privacy Policy of the Website and are located at: http://duslate.com/en/privacypolicy.
    • 4.8. The Administrator undertakes to provide technical support to users regarding the serviceability and functionality of the service, by e-mail: www.duslate.com.

  • 5. Responsibility of the Administrator

    • 5.1. The user uses the Website «as is», the Administrator does not guarantee the absence of errors in the operation of the Website.
    • 5.2. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of third parties.
    • 5.3. The Administrator is not responsible for causing losses that may arise as a result of using the Website or the Goods.
    • 5.4. The Administrator is not responsible and does not guarantee any results when using the Website or the Goods by the User.
    • 5.5. The administrator is not responsible for the visual distortion of information, photos, design elements and text that may arise as a result of using the Website.
    • 5.6. The Administrator is not responsible for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations in the event of a failure in telecommunication and other networks, the actions of malicious programs, other persons, force majeure circumstances or force majeure.
    • 5.7. The Administrator is not responsible for the content of materials published by the User, or received from other Users or third parties.
    • 5.8. The administrator is not responsible for the use of the Website by a user who is under 18 years old.
    • 5.9. The Administrator is not responsible for any health damage that the User may receive using the Website and the Goods.

  • 6. Rights and obligations of Users

    • 6.1. The user has the right to use the functionality of the Website to the extent provided for by this Agreement and the laws of the Russian Federation.
    • 6.2. In case of technical and other problems in the operation of the Website, the User has the right to contact the Administrator to take appropriate measures to solve the problems.
    • 6.3. When using the functionality of the Website, the User agrees not to violate the intellectual and other rights of the Administrator and third parties.
    • 6.4. All materials published by the User must comply with the laws of the Russian Federation, international standards and the terms of this Agreement. All responsibility for the content and publication of materials lies with the User.
    • 6.5. The user must independently ensure the safety of his username / password, and if necessary, change them.
    • 6.6. The user is obliged to provide reliable information about himself when registering on the Website, and if necessary, change it yourself, informing the Administrator about it. The user is prohibited from logging in and using the Website using accounts of social networks of third parties.
    • 6.7. Using the Website, the User agrees not to publish information that:
      • — Violates the rights of third parties;
      • — Its distribution is prohibited by contracts, legislation of the Russian Federation, or this Agreement.
      • — Is SPAM.
    • 6.8. The user is personally responsible for all content that he publishes using the functionality of the Website and undertakes not to violate the rights of third parties.
    • 6.9. Using the Website, the User agrees not to damage the Administrator software.
    • 6.10. In case of violation by the User of the terms of this Agreement and the rights of third parties, the User undertakes to compensate for all losses that the Administrator has incurred in connection with this.

  • 7.External Links

    • 7.1. The Website may contain links to third-party resources. The Administrator uses its best efforts to exclude any links to unreliable, fraudulent, or similar web resources. Such web resources are beyond the scope of this Agreement. The Administrator shall not bear any liability for the content and functioning of third-party web resources expressly including any possible damage that the Users may suffer on the said web resources.

  • 8.No Warranty

    • 8.1. ACCESS TO THE WEBSITE SHALL BE PROVIDED TO THE USER ON AN «AS IS» BASIS. THE ADMINISTRATOR HEREBY WAIVES ALL WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENT AND THE WEBSITE. AMONG OTHER THINGS, THE ADMINISTRATOR NEVER WARRANTS TO THE USER THAT: (i) the WEBSITEARE FREE FROM program errors, interruptions AND THAT THEY ARE compatible with the User’s devices and correctly displayed on such devices; (ii) the WEBSITE and EVERY SINGLE PAGE THEREOF will be permanently accessible to the User; (iii) the WEBSITE contain complete, exhaustive, accurate, error-free information ABOUT the Company and its activities THAT IS appropriate for the User’s needs, and reference, news, and analytical materials on legal and other issues; (iv) when printing or recording to a DIGITAL medium, the pages of the Website will look the same as they look online; (v) the Website do not contain information, access to which is prohibited or restricted in the country where the User is located; and (vi) the Website do not contain information that, in the User’s opinion, may be incorrect or offensive.
    • 8.2. When using the Website, the User should rely on his or her own antiviruses, firewalls, and other information security tools. The Administrator uses ITS BEST EFFORTS to PROTECT the Website from hacking attacks, cybercrimes, and other THIRD-PARTY actions THAT ARE harmful and dangerous to the User. However, the Administrator waives any warranties that a third party will be unable to illegally use the Website and their Content to the DETRIMENT of the user.

  • 9.Intellectual Property Rights

    • 9.1. The Administrator owns the duly registered intellectual property (exclusive) or license rights tothe Website as a whole and to all results of intellectual activity posted thereon including, among other things, texts, photos, charts, graphic pictures, other images, computer programs, including source codes and object codes, video and audio recordings, other copyrights, databases, trademarks and service marks, disclosure of patentable technologies as well as the composition and arrangement of the above items on the Website’ pages, design of the WEBSITE, including their appearance, colour palette selection, structure, and fonts (jointly, the Content).
    • 9.2. The User shall respect the Administrator rights to the Content and refrain from any actions that may directly or indirectly result in infringement of the Administrator’s rights to the Content or facilitate any such infringement by a third party.

  • 10.Limitation of Liability

    • 10.1. The Administrator shall not be liable for any breach of the obligations under the Agreement and for any losses incurred by the User as a result of using the Website, except as due to the Administrator’s wilful intent. The Administrator shall not be liable for any other damage to the User, unless it is caused by the Administrator’s fault.
    • 10.2. The User shall be fully liable for any breach of this Agreement or any infringement of the Administrator’s intellectual property and other rights according to the applicable law of and the laws applicable at the User’s location (if the User’s actions constitute a crime or other offence under the laws of such country).

  • 11. Settlement of disputes

    • 11.1. All disputes between the User and the Administrator are resolved on the basis of this Agreement, or in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    • 11.2. This Agreement establishes a mandatory claim procedure for the settlement of disputes. All questions, complaints, claims should be directed by the User to the Administrator’s email address: info@duslate.com.
    • 11.3. The administrator is not responsible, and does not guarantee to provide a response if the message was sent to another address or in any other way.
    • 11.4. In case of violation of copyright and other rights, all claims are sent to the Administrator by e-mail: info@duslate.com . The Administrator agrees to provide a response to the claim within 10 (ten) business days to the email address from which the letter was sent to the Administrator.

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