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About us

DUSOL LLC is a developer of underwater electronic slates and underwater tablets that are intended to be used by scuba divers, scuba diving instructors, tec divers, commercial divers, underwater archeologists, and other groups of divers and underwater scientists. Some of our products are designed for a professional use and can be used for recording notes, videos, launching apps and even use GPS and marking on the pre-loaded offline maps exact location of objects or geo positioning of a diver himself underwater.

Our mission

Our goal is to develop innovative products instrumental to scuba divers, making their underwater activities safer and more efficient. Our products use cutting-edge technologies ensuring proper operation underwater. We supply industries and consumers worldwide with innovative diving products that can also be customized to meet the customers’ demands.

We bring new technologies underwater and create what no one has done before.

  • DUSLATE is a revolutionary device in the diving world, featuring for the first time use of a cholesteric display for underwater application. The main advantages of a cholesteric display are its low weight, high image contrast, and extremely low power consumption. Due to the unique properties of the screen, energy is spent only on activating the erasing function (deleting the screen).

    Today’s high-tech world has dramatically changed the ways we communicate.

    We use fingers and styli to do the writing directly on smartphones, tablets and other portable devices, just as we do it on paper. Our writing capabilities have become more digitally oriented. At the same time, fast-developing technologies now offer different materials and approaches to facilitate writing.

    One of them is adoption of a low power consumption flexible bistable cholesteric display technology, featuring high writing precision and sensitivity and making the writing experience similar to that on paper.

  • The AQUATAB underwater tablet computer with a fully functional touchscreen that works with a special patented stylus or a special glove like digitizer. The display of AQUATAB is protected by an impact resistant glass which protects the device from accidental damage.

    We decided to use the electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology in AQUATAB which allow you to input information very precisely and operate with small icons on the desktop or draw diagrams with thick lines. The device contains a layer of sensors behind the device’s LCD screen which detect the stylus at a distance up to 5 mm beyond the glass surface of the device. Besides, the EMR technology makes it possible to use the electromagnetic effect for supplying the stylus with necessary energy and no battery of special charge is required. This technology ensures the best accuracy and durability.

    The AQUATAB underwater tablet can be used as an integral part of the GPS navigation system which implements long navigation base and consists of the tablet itself with a specially developed navigation receiver module, lightweight floating buoys (satellite navigation signal responders) and a receiver modem connected to AQUATAB.

    The navigation system provides navigational data (absolute geographical coordinates and depth) and makes it possible to use any offline map apps. The principle of the navigation system performance is similar to the principle of global satellite navigation GPS and GLONASS operation. The system allows the diver to determine the geographic location in the submerged state, without the need for surfacing and the use of remote GPS antennas on the cable.

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